The Wards

Mimms and Susan WardThe Wards

In 1997 while on a short-term missions/prayer trip to Israel, the Lord spoke to us about one day returning to the Holy Land. On January 1, 2000, we returned to Israel to work with the Jewish and Palestinian believers in Israel and the West Bank.

In 2002, we returned to the U.S.A. and in the following years the Lord opened doors of ministry for us in the Philippines, Mozambique, Costa Rica, Haiti and back to Israel. In the spring of 2006, we began Hope for Humanity International, an organization bringing HOPE and humanitarian aid to the poor and those living in areas of conflict and darkness. We offer to others what we know to be true -- HOPE is only found in Jesus.

As founders of Hope for Humanity International and believers in Jesus Christ we have been called to live in such a way that wherever we go people will see that we do not own our own life, but that we are here to follow Him and show the world what it looks like to lay down our desires and plans and choose His way over our own.

We pray and have faith that fruit comes into our lives, through our lives and out of our lives and takes root in the many places we are sent. And in turn, what Jesus has done in us, will be replicated, and He will do in others, even more than the world has ever seen or known was possible. Our desire is that Jesus will continue to be revealed to all mankind living on the earth, from one generation to the next, more fully and more personally, to those who come after us. We believe that every man, woman and child has a part in revealing who Jesus is to the world and that will only happen as they know Him as a person; that as their hopes, dreams and lives are lived according to the development of a trusted relationship between them and their Savior, they will reveal Jesus to the world around them, to generation after generation. In Gods perfect time, Jesus will be revealed; His perfection and fullness will be seen by all heaven and earth. His final revealing will show Him as the Magnificent Creation, that everything was made in Him , through Him and to Him.

We believe that we are called not to one nation, but to many nations, to reach out to those who live in the darkness of poverty, spiritual oppression or political turmoil. We endeavor to set Mathew 25: 35-40 and Isaiah 61: 1-3 as our goal in ministry. We desire to bring HOPE and knowledge of Jesus to the lost. Our purpose is to reveal and expose them to a way of life that takes Jesus at His word, when He said "follow me." It is our goal to meet physical, monetary and spiritual needs for those we encounter as we are led and provided by Jesus to do so. We desire to build the lives of the people first by leading them into a relationship with Jesus. Second, we endeavor to build community by encouraging unity and bringing strength to joint projects among the people. Such projects may include repairing houses, building schools, water wells or gathering and donating food for others who are less fortunate.

We presently travel and do humanitarian work around the world, with an ongoing work in Nuevo Pacuare Costa Rica and are frequently in Israel. We have worked and lived in Israel and Costa Rica, but our home (USA) base is in Arlington Texas. We have one daughter, Dana, son in law, Landen and four grand daughters, all of whom live in the DFW area. We have attended Gateway Church (formerly Shady Grove Church) since 1993. We also have fellowship with a New Testament type (home) church we call Refuge.

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