North Africa

The Berrys In North AfricaNorth Africa

The Berrys work with a local church, where they specifically focus on reaching out to teens. Together, they lead weekly youth services where they gather and intercede for their country, and each other. This is a beautiful thing to see in a country that is in such upheaval and turmoil. Amber and Weston hold weekly Bible studies, for both boys and girls groups. Weston is also a leader in the church where he is involved in preaching and other duties.

All-night prayer meetings are held randomly, and the stamina of those who have such a heart for prayer and intercession continues to be amazing. Because the people, youth in particular, are surrounded in their schools and communities by Muslim religion being a Christian believer means to stand out and be different. They realize the weightiness of their faith and it is an all or nothing way of life for them. And so their hearts burn with a fiery passion to intercede for their nation.

Several times per year the Berrys host and hold youth retreats. These events are designed to include invited friends of the regular youth group. This makes for an exciting outreach opportunity where churches and unchurched come together in fellowship and fun!

The Berry's, in January 2013, took a group of 12 youth on a mission trip to Kenya--it was beautiful for them to be in a "free country" where they could publicly share their testimonies, and in so doing, awakening in them a desire to share Christ more boldly in their North Africa home country. For many, it was their first missions trip ever. The majority were funded by sponsors in the States through HHI. A special thank you and emphasis on your missions support making it possible for passionate believers to serve a poorer people group with the testimony and love of Christ, and thus be invigorated with a burning desire to boldly share Christ in their own nation.

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