Mission Statement

HOPE for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that purposes to provide aid in the lives of the downtrodden people of societies throughout the world regardless of nationality, ethnic background, race or religion.

We provide aid to the poor, needy, oppressed, sick, orphaned, widow and mentally and spiritually challenged people in the global society.

We help with community development by bringing labor, training, materials and expertise in building and/or rebuilding homes, shelters, churches and educational facilities. We supply the funds needed for such endeavors to individual needs as well as organizations.

We aid with medical, dental supplies and services as well as medicines, personal items, clothing, food, utilities, water, transportation costs, educational assistance, (books/supplies) tuition assistance, spiritual materials, books, music/videos as well as monetary and financial gifts.

The HOPE we offer is found only in Jesus. The Lord has directed us to Is. 61: 1-3 and Matt. 25: 35-40 as our commission. We bring HOPE to the captives, whether in spiritual or physical bondage. We go to those who are in darkness in order to provide HOPE in Jesus as well as food and practical aid. It is our belief that all people are created in the image of God and therefore all should be respected as such, regardless of their place in society.

God forgets no one and neither can we.

Thank you for your donations.