The Wards In IsraelThe Berrys

The Lord has called Israel our home base, sending us out from Jerusalem, to the rest of the world, and then, bringing us "home" again.

Our work in Israel has had many facets. We have worked and lived with the Palestinian Muslim and Christians, as well as with the Jewish people. We serve along side many indigenous ministries by helping them "build" their ministries, practically and spiritually speaking. We have forged many relationships in an effort to build a bridge and repair the breach between believers, both Jew and Arab.

The building projects, whether on a congregation building or a damaged home, are a labor of love for whom The Lord has taken us to. Bethlehem Bible College, Ohalei Rachamim, Shavei Tzion, Jerusalem Hills Inn and many others have asked us to join with them, over the years, building the kingdom family in Israel and the West Bank.

We are pleased that we have been a part of the restoration of not only the Jewish people to their Messiah, but we have been able to be a small part of bringing the brothers, Jew and Arab together again.

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