Costa Rica

Nuevo Pacuare, Costa RicaCosta Rica

This little village, known locally as Proyecto Pacuare, is on the agricultural plains 100 miles east of the capital city of San Jose. Originally the location was developed for workers on the banana and pineapple plantations, however in 2004, the government expanded the housing project to include poor, displaced people, of whom, most are women and children. This village has grown to about 500 residents and is located in a remote area that has limited services. The village went for two years without water, (which has now been restored,) they have no grocery store, and a sporadic bus service. The community is without a school so the children must walk through the jungle and banana plantation to reach the school they attend.

The Wards have been working to disciple and bring encouragement and HOPE to the people. They hold Bible studies for adults and youth, children's story time, English lessons, along with fun and games for all. They teach sewing and carpentry skills to the people, who can then use the skills to start their own business. We donate the funds or tools needed for these micro-businesses to be started. We encourage and plan various community service projects; restoring water facilities to the homes, funding and oversight for the future school and helping their neighbors live a better life by sharing their time and skills with one another.

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