The Berrys

Weston and Amber BerryThe Berrys

Weston and Amber Berry, along with their little girl, Eden, have been serving in the North Africa for 5 years. Their primary role is working with a local church, focusing on the youth in the community from varying walks of life. They lead weekly youth services and outreaches within their community, as well as taking them on missions trips.

Developing future mission focus; Weston is working on seminary in Global Leadership in desire of being better equipped to train national ministers. He hopes to be able to work with local pastors doing training, helping with church plants and home churches, and raising up and equipping spiritual leaders who will be in-country long after we are not. He desires to hold (and fund) seminars and conferences for poor and uneducated pastors and ministers to come, learn, grow, be encouraged, and take it back to their communities.

Amber is currently in school for midwifery to become a professional midwife. She hopes to use it as a holistic ministry to serve and get connected with women on a deeper level. It will be our creative access, if in a place that needs it. Her big dream would be to fund a missions clinic somewhere, free to the poor, and in addition to serving the physical needs, also offering for women (or requiring in exchange for free maternity services) health and biblical parenting workshops, as well as women's Bible studies. Completing this training to serve women will be a primary focus for our family over the next couple of years.

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